Thursday, July 28, 2011

Telford House June 2011

At the end of June, Roger and I headed down to Leduc for a "family reunion."  I use quotations because Dianne, the mastermind behind this event, made no secret that this gathering was really just an opportunity to show off her new grandkids.  

After meeting these babies face to face, I can completely understand why she was so eager to show them off.  
They're mighty cute.

and one of these newbies took home the award for Best Dressed.

Here's some of the big kids who made an appearance:

It seems Little Roger hasn't broken out of his habit of rubbing tummies, even though his wife gave birth a week ago!

Aside from meeting the new family additions, my second favourite highlight was Dianne's roast beef! 

In the end, I think we all appreciated the combined effort it took to go from this:

to this!

*My apologies for some of the blurry photos.  I am currently re-visiting photography 101.