Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Yesterday Roger and I went out for a walk.  We may have done better to have brought our skates--many of the sidewalks were covered in ice.

But today, we woke up to this!

Which allowed us another ski.  The snow was pretty powdery, but at -4'C the glide was surprisingly great.  So great, that a short little ski ended becoming 2 1/2 hours and without food and water I became a VERY grouchy and VERY tired skier.  Luckily Roger saved the day by taking me to McDonald's right afterwards for a Fish Filet (as it's known by my family), french fries and iced tea!
Here's what he made for supper since the McMeal only filled me up for a couple of hours.

Sunday, March 11, 2012


It is with great sadness that Roger and I are announcing the end of the cross country ski season here in Fort Mac.    There have been a few false alarms, but with the +7 degree celsius temperatures that this weekend brought, we feel this is the true end.  Since January we've managed to ski at least 188km (at least these are the times we remembered to record our distances).  
It was almost a perfect winter for skiing, we didn't get a ton of snow, but it was enough and it was relatively warm with temperatures usually between -5 to -15'C.  
This season, Roger turned into a skate skiing fiend.  He clipped into those new skis, went into turbo mode and left me far, far behind.  I'll be hard pressed to convince him to put his classic skis on ever again.

Last weekend, we did quite a lot of exploring in the Birchwood Trails.  The snow was almost perfect, but somehow not a lot of people were out and about.

This past Saturday, we headed out for our last ski.  It was warm, and at times I felt like we were cross-country water skiing.  Roger called it sk-alking, as we did a lot of walking in our skis.  

These were the only pictures I took as I was grumpy because of the snow and made Roger carry the camera bag which he obligingly did.

The rest of the photos were taken by Roger.

So that's it, I guess when we really start missing the snow, we'll have to resort to watching this.