Monday, September 16, 2013

Carrots and Legacy Trail

In September we scrambled to use up the fruits of our garden.
Roger plucked up pounds of carrots which kept us busy all afternoon slicing, dicing freezing and converting the carrots into soup and cake!

We turned out super sweet cherry tomatoes into quinoa salad.  Yum..

I also found myself in Calgary for a quick visit.  We headed to the Saskatoon Berry Farm for a delicious lunch and a look at some of the last flowers of summer.

My dad and I headed out to bike the Legacy Trail which links Canmore to Banff.  

After biking for 3 minutes, my dad pulled over into a gravel parking lot and pulled out this 2 sided list off stretches.

He spent about 5 seconds doing this stretch on each leg, than hopped back on the bike and was off.

Lunch.... yay.
Biking lunches with my dad are always bare bones.  Shake and bake chicken sandwich, 2 carrots, 2 cucumbers, 1 banana and 1 muffin each.  
Even Steven.
NO chocolate, NO cookies, NO ice cream.

Mount Rundle, looking quite pretty.

And no visit to Calgary would be complete without seeing these two little munchkins.
It's sad now though because Erin's in school full time, so no more playing all afternoon long

Monday, September 2, 2013

More Garden Updates

We got a good garden haul this year.

At least 6 pounds of beans!

Too bad you weren't here to help us eat them dad.

Handfuls of cherry tomatoes

Swiss chard coming out of our ears!

Round carrots.
They are supposed to look like that.
I thought they were cute, Roger prefers the long ones though.
We still have more carrots and beets to pick--makes me wish I liked vegetables more.

Our clematis, still going strong

My little plot of France.

Small fragrant blossoms from our indoor citrus tree.