Thursday, May 24, 2012

Mother's Day Brunch and a Bike Ride

For Mother's Day, I headed down to Calgary to spend some time with this bundle of trouble.

We played...

and shared secrets.

The next day, my dad took me on a bike tour to show me a new "high tech bathroom."  
How could I say no.

We biked from our house to downtown.
Here's mini downtown, still veeeery far away...

On the way, we stopped off at the bird sanctuary

Checked out the new man made white water course where the old weir used to be

Watched downtown get bigger!

Rode past Fort Calgary and the haunted restaurant!

And.... finally made it to the high tech bathroom.

In order to use the toilet, you press a button, and the washroom actually cleans and dries a toilet seat for you before you use it.  When you enter, you're told you have 10 minutes to use the facilities.  
I wonder what happens when you're 10 minutes is up?

After gazing at the toilet, we rode past downtown to check out the Peace Bridge

Then stopped for lunch...shake and bake chicken and peanut butter sandwiches, red peppers, cucumber and 6 grapes.

Thankfully I was saved by Angel's!  
Ice Cream!  
I had to fight my dad for that second cone.

Home at last.  61km

After recovering, the next day we headed out to Mother's Day Brunch.

sticky toffee pudding