Monday, May 30, 2011

Portraits by Erin

Self Portrait 

By Erin 4 years old.

(by the way, she doesn't have 4 eyes, 2 of the circles are nostrils.... rather large nostrils)

Auntie Julie

By Erin

(my nostrils are significantly smaller)

A visit with Sausage Heads

Last weekend the Munchkins et al. came for a visit to Fort Mac.  Here's a summary of their trip in pictures.

The discovery of the Vulcan EBF-25.


After a big breakfast of waffles and lots of sausage we headed out for a walk where the munchkins had fun yelling into walkie talkies (even though they were well within earshot of each other).  It was on one of these walks that Erin informed me that she could jump and burp at the same time!

We made a quick stop at the local playground, where both adults and kids got to play, and Brendan and Erin created an imaginary ice cream stall that gave away free ice cream.

Erin got to rest her tired legs on the way back home

Here's the munchkins posing with our tulips.  Apparently the yellow ones smelled like lemonade and the red ones smelled like grape.


The next morning, we had a yummy breakfast of Roger's famous pannkakor and MORE sausage.

Then we went on a hike through the woods.  

Everyone started with lots of energy and great spirits.

They found sticks to play with

And when it started to rain, Raymond made sure they stayed dry

In spite of the rain, everyone was still smiling.

Here's a Erin doing her Maori Warrior face.

They had fun picking fuzzy weeds

That could make moustaches...

...a fuzzy bouquet...

...and of course, could tickle faces.

Then, the energy suddenly started to die.

and this little girl wouldn't even look at my camera anymore!

They did a great job however walking 4.5 km in total on their little legs.

 We put Erin's weed bouquet in water as soon as we got home, but to her dismay, it wasn't enough to keep the weeds from dying.

Thankfully, it didn't take them too long to recover their energy!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Roger's Sunflower Project 2011

Roger's been busy working on a little side-project for the past couple of weeks.  It started with this:

Then started looking like this:

And today, he decided it was time to put them into the ground

He's been so excited about these sunflower seeds, that he's already lined up a list of "lucky" recipients that he's decided to share his seeds with.  

Spring has definately arrived in Fort Mac.  We've been having fun watching our yard come back to life.

All in the past week, our Nanking Cherry bush

Has started to look like this:

These tulips:

Have become this:

Our little plum tree that we planted last year:

Did this:

This odd shaped creature

Became this!

This funny looking couple:
transformed into this!

Yup, it's definitely spring!

by the way, Mamma G, here's the seeds we planted a couple of weeks ago.