Friday, May 13, 2011

Mudda's Day

For Mother's Day I made the trek down to Calgary for a visit with the Munchkins.  Here's them at the supper table enjoying a home cooked meal by Grandma.

And here are some extra special poses crafted just for the camera.


I also checked out some of their artwork.  I'm impressed by the amount of detail that goes into Brendan's drawings.  They've come a long way.  Here's a shark enjoying a tasty screaming fish?

And here's a robot (I think), and also a robot diagram detailing all the important robot bits.


I'm not sure what's going on in this picture, but I like it anyways.

and here's an Erin original which has some nice abstract qualities.

Here's also a written cast of names and characters for our Star Wars game that Brendan drafted up.  Unfortunately, we never got too far in this game since Yoda was too busy enjoying a bowl of noodles for supper.

Despite me spending the afternoon playing with Erin and chasing Angel Bear, Polar Bear and Pink Bunny, she just about refused to give me a hug at home time!  What a stinker...

This is what I made my mom for Mother's Day.  This may be one of the few sweaters I've made that can actually be worn in public!  (yesiamproud)


Anonymous said...

That's a beautiful sweater Aunt Julie! You should be very proud :) Your Ma looks fantastic in it!

Anonymous said...

Mom proudly showed the lovely sweater to all her friends and keep on proudly told her friends that the sweater was personally hand made by her beautiful and lovely daughter. The poor old man is still waiting for the sweater.

jt said...

"poor old man" wouldn't wear a sweater made by his daughter. "poor old man" is always too warm and is too fussy!

Anonymous said...

It seems the poor old man has no luck for a warm sweater from his lovely daughter because of his physically shape. Think about it, when you are getting old, really old the gravity take over, it may be extremely time consuming to make a sweater to fit the body shape. Or may be the poor old man can cook more "mee suah" to feed the beautiful daughter so that one day she will change her mind and make a nice colourful sweater with the size fit all, and with temperature control for the always too warm fussy poor old man. Just hoping!