Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Photography by Brendan

While we were in Malaysia, Brendan developed an interest in taking photos.  Here's a few photos he took with  my camera.

Hmmm....budding photographer???

Malaysia 2011: Kuching Part II and Homeward Bound (last one I promise!)

After the hustle and bustle of Penang, we returned to Kuching for more family time and eating.
Here's some folks "enjoying" the King of the Fruit, durian.

and here's a fruit I've never heard of before or tasted.  It's a custard apple, and tastes exactly like a mash up of custard... and... apple.  Very delicious.

Here's more trouble...she already looks like a natural blowing on her fingernails.

My cousin Greg, who runs art classes for children, had Brendan and Erin attend one session.  Here's their colorful creations. 

Here's a photo of us with Greg and one of his original pieces.  

Which, by the way, is hanging in his wife's cafe. 
If you ever get the hankering for cheesecake, italian coffee and perhaps a milkshake while in Kuching, you need to stop here. 
Greg's wife Nee is an extraordinary baker.  Luckily, she has decided to share her talents with the general public and opened up a little cafe.

We made this one of our necessary stops and turned a cozy and peaceful little cafe into slight chaos with children hopped up on tons of sugar.  Nee graciously brought out samples of many of her goodies which we happily gobbled up.  Suddenly exotic Malaysian Kueh became a distance memory.

Here's Brendan and Erin in cheesecake and cookie heaven!

Here's a picture of pure pleasure--cookie in one hand and forkful of cheesecake in the other.  What a blissful face.

We also got to meet Baby Kay, and introduced her to a new friend... Elephant III.

My second most favourite breakfast Laksa and... Milo

Mamma G appears to be enjoying it as well!

Another common tourist stop... the Ha Medical Clinic.  Nice to visit my uncle at work.

and the final stop on our medical tour of Malaysia.  

Although we met some nice doctor's, I don't recommend the medical tour of Malaysia.  Just saying....

The church my parents were married in

My last meal of Kolo Mee... sob.

Making Kaya toast over charcoals.  

On our last day in Kuching, Charlie and Veena took us on our tour of the Sunday market.  

a little bit of Canada.

The Kuching airport--heading home.

Singapore airport--enjoying one last meal of Laksa, Chicken curry and Dry wonton mee.

Hong Kong Airport

San Francisco

Roger killing time at the Calgary airport waiting for our delayed plane to Fort Mac at 1:30 am.