Sunday, August 7, 2011

Malaysia 2011 Continued: Langkawi and Penang

For a change of scenery, we flew to the island of Langkawi and did some resorting.

Here's the munchkins keeping us entertained at the Langkawi Airport while we awaited a taxi to our hotel.

The resort was beautiful, and for some reason, strangely empty.  

The foggy picture above isn't actually fog, it's just my lens recovering from being in an air conditioned room to the humidity and heat of outside.  

The view from our room, and the roti man at breakfast buffet.

Can you spot the gecko?  It's probably the tiniest one I've seen.


The spa.

and Mamma G's before and after pedicure.

Me and Roger's favorite place to hang out at the resort.

Goodbye Langkawi, Hello Penang.
We made a 3 day stop over in Penang after Langkawi where we toured and ate.
Not always in that order.

One of our favourite places to eat which was just down the street from our hotel, the Bayview.

The Loh Bak guy

Getting lost at night.

The Penang Butterfly Farm.  (Brendans' Pick)

I don't usually like frogs, but I must admit, this little guy was pretty cute.

Uhoh... this looks like trouble.  

A fishing village.
This rickety boardwalk looked a little too sketchy even to walk on....

until we saw them doing this on it.


Cendol and Ice Kachung

The Reclining Buddha Temple.

My parents honeymooned here many many years ago.  They had taken some pictures at this temple then, but can't quite remember where they had stood.  Hopefully this is close enough.  

A Burmese Temple.

Canada wasn't labeled on this map.  It was represented by a nameless white blob which was barely visible on the other side.

Birthday dinner!

I guess it doesn't pay to be cheeky... especially if you're a duck.

A mochi!  
But not an ice cream mochi...

Some sights in Penang

An old derelict school

One of many tri-shaw drivers

This is not an odd shaped bird, it is actually a jack fruit

A deer mouse

The bird show.
This bird show was slightly terrifying.  They had bird handlers calling large birds that would literally swoop just above the heads of the small children causing many of them to duck, scream and cry.

Taking the ferry back to the island of Penang

Trying some Nonya Baba cuisine.  This was one of my favourite meals in Malaysia. 
 Check out this chicken kapitan dish where the curry was made from scratch.  You can just see the spices.  

The vegetable dishes were surprisingly delicious too, some were pickled, and otherwise were cooked with ginger flower.
This fantastic meal took place in a traditional Nonya Baba house that still has some of the original components intact such as this wood panel and glass windows.

The talented chef

A hot spot for wedding pics!

An opium bed

the kissing chair

The type of kitchen that my mom grew up in.
What's cooking ladies?

The family temple

A seven storey mall where Roger geeked out and bought a calculator watch.

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