Friday, August 5, 2011

Malaysia 2011 Continued: Kuching Part I

Here are some of the events and sights that we took in while in and around Kuching.    

The first night we arrived we were greeted by a millipede which was quickly squashed before I could get a good picture, and a scorpion.  The scorpion had a happier fate.  My Uncle Ignatius, in a moment of kindness, decided to scoop the scorpion up and set it free in the gutter.  

Dinner at my Uncle's house.

In case some of you think the live band was hired just for our arrival, it's actually my Uncle's band that gets together once a month to jam and the night we arrived just happened to land on a regular jam session.


Kueh kueh kueh!!!

Kolo Mee and Milo.  Quite possibly my favourite breakfast on earth

Kuching Market

Wet Market

Uhoh... this looks like trouble...

India Street, Main Bazaar and the Waterfront

Semangoh Orangutang Sanctuary

Some very realistic orangutang impressions.
(Perhaps we should have left them at the sanctuary?)

Our Malaysian Home

Thanks Aunty Dot and Uncle Ignatius!

The Samsung building is standing in the spot where my mom grew up.

Santubong Mountain and Damai Beach

Sago Gula Melaka...and it's green?  Still tasty.

My uncle convincing us to aim our camera down a tree hole to see what happens..


Trying to get a picture of a Buntal cat

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