Friday, October 22, 2010

Official Wedding Photos

Here's some photos taken by Sophia Dorozio our photographer--there's a lot of them, but we hope you enjoy them.  This is probably the only time you'll see this many photos of Roger and I together.  Sophia did a great job of making us look calm and collected and not frantic like we felt.

These first few photos were taken at the Bear and Bison:

Hello Mr. Bison!

These photos were taken at Quarry Lake in Canmore.  It was really windy out even though you might not be able to guess that from the photos.

You can tell that we don't practice this move very much...ok, I guess I do look frantic in this photo.

No wedding photo series is complete without a pair of bunny ears... sorry Megan.  (well actually I'm really not sorry, I love this photo and I know you'll get me back!)

There, is this better?

Brendan is rather camera shy.  Sophia was lucky to catch this photo of him unaware.

These kids have the rice squat down pat!  


These photos are at the outdoor gazebo at Silvertip.

Roger and Lance's artwork--stick to your day job!

A budding Marilyn Monroe.

That's all folks!