Tuesday, October 5, 2010

We tied the knot (with Elvis)!

The last installment of our multi day wedding.

On Saturday we had a fun ceremony for both friends and family.  We had initially intended to have two wedding ceremonies; a Catholic ceremony on Friday and a civil ceremony on Saturday.  Unfortunately the Catholic church wasn't such a fan of this idea, and we couldn't find a Justice of the Peace who would do this as well (you can't get married twice even if it's to the same person).  So we decided to do this instead:


Here's a summary of the day from beginning to end in the eyes of me, my Uncles, Lindsay W and Aswin H.  I'll post Sophia's (wedding photographer) photos separately.

What I saw when I woke up in the morning--3 Sister's in all their glory!  It was a beautiful day, just a bit blustery.  Actually, that's an understatement, it was a "hold on to your hat" kind of day.  Luckily my hair was made into a helmet so no worries there--ha ha helmet head!

Here's what I ate for breakfast--porridge with dried fruit, eggs benny with back bacon and brie, and we also had fresh peaches covered with white chocolate cream but I ate it before I was able to take a photo of it... oops sorry :(

After breakfast, Megan kindly picked me up and we went down to the hair place to get gussied up for the wedding.  Here's Megan's hair:

Pretty cool huh?  I love how its all twisted up.

My sister getting curls...

and Mama G--they didn't have to do too much work with her, she looks pretty good to begin with!

There's a rather large absence of photos between now and the ceremony/reception.  Unfortunately we weren't as organized as we would have liked to have been and we were running around Canmore trying to get things sorted out and not taking photos.  Megan and I spent a short time raiding the local dollar store to get balloons for the little people and checking out Halloween make-up.  Sorry, no photos of that.  We also raced up to the Silvertip and noticed a small miracle.  My Aunts, Uncles, Parents, Roger and other wedding party members had transformed my heap of wedding decorations into this:

and this...

I knew that the separate components--pumpkins, candles, twigs and branches had the potential to be lovely centrepieces, but I had no idea how to get it to that state.  I owe heaps and heaps of gratitude to the artistic talents of our family and friends!  Special thanks also to Terry and Kim who patiently did our slightly panicked bidding on Saturday... coordinating the drop off of the cake and picking up a wedding Sharpie!  You may witness the importance of the wedding sharpie below:

After that, we headed over to the Lake for photos.  Thanks to Bridget and Lars for providing portable coffee with cream and sugar.  You have no idea how happy that made my sister--she came close to robbing a coffee shop earlier that day (I'm not kidding either), but fortunately Megan was there to loan her a twenty..hee hee... :)

Elvis was at our wedding, but not just any Elvis.  He was the tallest, biggest Elvis I had ever seen.  We had meant to keep him a surprise for our wedding but somehow many of our guests had to use the bathroom before the ceremony and that is where we had him hidden- behind the bathroom door.  Hiding Elvis is very difficult to do, especially an Elvis as big as him.  A few male guests had mild frights during their trip to the bathroom.  


Here's a photo o Jenny keeping a close eye on Ronnalyn--making sure she doesn't get stolen away by my Aunt.

Dianne gave a beautiful grace:

Here's the delicious wedding cake and the proud baker-Mama G with another excellent baker-Anita.

Gunilla, your cake made my cousins stomach's very happy--here's the evidence:

After the ceremony there was eating and dancing--and even less dancing after the kids left...

and after that there was the great pumpkin give away!  Nikki has informed me that she has already cooked up some very tasty pumpkin treats!

and if you were lucky enough to stick around until the bitter end, there was this....

and after that--well, you probably don't want to know....apparently it may have involved accepting rides from strangers and scaling B&B balconies...

So... that's it!  That was our wedding.  I had fun, but I must say I'm glad that I'll only ever have to do that once.  I'm never getting married again!

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