Monday, October 4, 2010

We tied the knot (for real)!

On Friday we had a small Catholic church wedding with just family and very close friends in attendance.  It was nice and intimate, and is when we signed documents and made our marriage official.  This is what I saw the morning we got married (before I put my glasses on of course!).

Me holding my wedding bouquet.  Ha the way, most of these photos were taken by the lovely Megan and my uncles Francis and Ignatius  

Jacinta being recruited to do nail duty:

Megan bravely allowing me to do her eye make-up.  Thanks Megan, I still say that was the most fun I had all morning!  Anything to keep the bride happy I guess...

Roger hoarding our wedding favors.  I'm surprised there were still some left for the wedding!

The arrival of my cousins and cousins-in-laws?

At the Chapel, waiting to get married.

Hmmm.. who's that?  Brendan did a great job at the wedding.  His tie managed to stay on and his shirt managed to stay tucked for about 20 minutes which was just enough time for us to get married.  Unfortunately I don't think Joyce and Raymond ever did find his tie after the wedding.

Erin did a great job too.  She proudly marched down the aisle with her flower in one hand and her mermaid doll in the other.  She also helped to add some background music to the whole ceremony by squeaking her shoes together.

We just got hitched!

Us and Father Raju.  You may think we fight too much Father Raju, but we really do love one another!

Here's everyone!

Roger's special cufflinks that belonged to his Morfar.

Ahhh...that's much better.. 

For skateboarding that is....

Welcome to a Bear and Bison!

Our room at the Bear and Bison

BBQ time!  and Dianne trying to shield her shy food from the camera.

The BBQ was delicious, hamburgers, bratwurst, ribs, BBQ chicken, Cesar salad, potato chips and...

Ice cream sundaes!!!

Some drama at the B&B.  My uncles brute strength broke the key in the door, however my dad came to the rescue and got it out!

Some VERY tired children.

and...a not so tired adult who should perhaps go to bed anyway?

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