Sunday, October 3, 2010

We tied the knot (pre wedding)!

Roger and I finally did it...after 8, 10 years of dating??? we finally got married!  And, because we didn't think the chaos of one wedding ceremony was enough, we decided to have two!  Here's some pre-wedding photos.

As promised, here are a few more engagement photos taken by the lovely Sophia Dorozio--the poor girl had the daunting task of trying to make Roger and I photogenic!

Here's some pre-wedding prep.  Mama G with her oh so tasty wedding cakes.  About a week before the wedding we loaded the cakes up into her car and drove them down to Calgary where we popped them into a freezer at my parents house.  It was definately worth it.  I've never, ever, EVER been to a wedding where there was a 7-10 person line up for the wedding cake!

Handpicked pumpkins for the wedding. 

On the Wednesday before the wedding, Roger, me and my two uncles took a drive out to Canmore to deal with some last minute issues.  Here we are at the Silvertip:

Here are my uncles patiently killing time while Roger and I played around with the sound system at Silvertip.  Apparently they would wander outside for a bit, then when it got too cold they'd jump back inside to warm up.

Next stop, florist:

and finally, a quick stop at A Bear and Bison to show my uncles our accommodations during the wedding:

We told the bear to stay out of the shot, but I guess he couldn't resist.  Some bears will do anything to get into a good picture.

After our impromptu rehearsal at the church Thursday night, we had a family dinner at the Bonavista Peking house.

The delicious appetizer:  Jelly fish, baby octopi, surf clam and some type of meat.

 Bridget and Lars getting a little worried that this was all there was to eat and wondering where to get a hamburger.

This is my Uncle Francis and Auntie Gim Ai.  They had arrived just 2 days ago and when exiting the plane, Uncle Francis took out his cell phone and was taken aback to find a message on his cell phone saying "Welcome to Roger's Wedding!"  He was very curious as to how Roger and I could have broadcasted this message on his phone, however upon adusting his glasses better he realized that it actually said "Welcome to Roger's Wireless!"

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