Thursday, May 19, 2011

Roger's Sunflower Project 2011

Roger's been busy working on a little side-project for the past couple of weeks.  It started with this:

Then started looking like this:

And today, he decided it was time to put them into the ground

He's been so excited about these sunflower seeds, that he's already lined up a list of "lucky" recipients that he's decided to share his seeds with.  

Spring has definately arrived in Fort Mac.  We've been having fun watching our yard come back to life.

All in the past week, our Nanking Cherry bush

Has started to look like this:

These tulips:

Have become this:

Our little plum tree that we planted last year:

Did this:

This odd shaped creature

Became this!

This funny looking couple:
transformed into this!

Yup, it's definitely spring!

by the way, Mamma G, here's the seeds we planted a couple of weeks ago.

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Anonymous said...

Since you both are so good at gardening, we should buy a piece of land in Calgary so that we all can plant a lot of different things that can sold at farmer market in town. In additon we can have turkey, pig, chicken, duck, cow, fish farms, etc., as well and produce environmental friendly products for marketing.

Warm and fussy poor old man.