Monday, November 15, 2010

Keep 'em coming!

October was a busy month, with three consecutive weekends of visitors and a long work week thrown in, suddenly it's November.  Anyway, here's a summary of October and our visitors.

First up, the weekend after the wedding we hosted Kerstin and Gunilla.

and we took them for a walk along the Birchwood Trails. 

I'm almost hesitant to show you the next few photos for fear that you may think we put all our visitors to hard work... but they did help us clean up our garden, and they did admit to enjoying it

and we did feed them...... eventually!

Here's Roger with one of our sunflower heads.

and here's him with a hatchet cutting them down.  They were sure big!

Here's some potatoes that my mom planted earlier in the summer.  They were pretty tasty, but kind of tiny.

Next, the Andersson's came for a visit--yes, all SIX of them.  We took them out to the Bridge to Nowhere and also on a failed excursion to Bitumount.  

The Andersson's reminded us how much fun certain things could be as a kid--like skipping stones

Playing with sticks


Hanging off things

Log rolling down a grassy hill

Skateboarding--hey wait a minute, he doesn't look like a kid... 

I guess some people never grow up!

I hope you guys come out and visit again and sorry Lucas for making you take a very un-fun and boring family photo.

Last but not least, my Uncle John and mom and dad came up for a visit.  We celebrated my mom's birthday and overall just ate and relaxed!



My mom was gifted with a flying pig.

Here's the guys planning an attack.

For you cat people (Lindsay and Jeremy) you may want to avoid reading this section.  Once we cleaned up our garden there was no longer any prickly plants to keep the neighbourhood cats from using our garden as a litter box.  We decided to put some mesh overtop of our garden like so:

and it worked like a charm!  You can see the poor cat in the bottom photo skirting the garden box!

Some evidence of October snow.

We didn't carve up a pumpkin for Halloween this year.  Unfortunately our pumpkins had become too soft and Roger declared them "structurally unsound."  He says that to make up for the lack of a jack-o-lantern this year, we'll make an army of them next year.

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