Friday, September 2, 2011

August: Came and went

August has been a busy month, last weekend Mattias and Lucas came up for a visit and they had fun playing Pacman and Need for Speed.  We also introduced Lucas to sushi.  He even managed to eat a bit of tuna tataki without gagging.  We've also just been finishing off some landscaping in our front yard which has involved a lot of shovel work.  Our garden really took off this year--we managed to grow mostly straight carrots, potatoes, beets, peas and something that looked like an onion.

We managed to grow a lot of poppies:

and... of course, Roger's sunflowers have not been disappointing this summer.  They have also been popping up at select houses in Fort McMurray.

We also recently acquired Hungry Hungry Hippos and for the first time ever, read the game instructions and realized after all these years, we were playing it all wrong.

I went down to visit Mamma G in mid August to see how she was healing up.  She was doing just fine, and managed to single handedly (literally) make me this delicious breakfast!

and showed me how to properly make Rabarber kräm

For those of you in Malaysia who have been wondering about her progress--the most updated news is she can finally sign her name with her right hand!

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