Sunday, January 15, 2012


I'm married to a pancake snob.  The only true pancake for my husband is pannkakkor which is essentially a crepe.  He claims that he never knew what a North American pancake was while growing up until he had one of my dad's famously large pancakes.  My dad is all about efficiency and the larger he can make a pancake, the fewer he has to make.  Anyway, since Fort Mac is basically a skating rink after last Monday's rain followed by Tuesday's freezing cold temperatures, we've been a bit house bound.  With not much else to do, our thoughts have turned to eating and after seeing this pancake recipe a few days ago, I haven't been able to think about much else.  After braving the sceptical looks from my husband, this morning I tried it out. 

I'd say the results even managed to please my pancake elitist husband!
Not bad for a North American pancake.
Don't worry mom and dad, we're not really sitting around, we did manage to get out on our skis yesterday and today despite the icy conditions and bitter winds.
Finally winter is here!  This is more like it.

*Update*  Roger recently informed me that my information in this post is incorrect.  My dad's gigantic pancakes were not his first North American pancake.
There.  Now the world can go on turning.