Friday, February 24, 2012

A Visit from Nikki

A few weeks ago, Nikki came to visit.  I had promised her a nice relaxing visit and while I think I delivered on the nice portion (although it was hard to tell at times), I had verbal confirmation from Nikki that I had failed to deliver on the relaxing portion.  

Perhaps it was because we made her ski in the dark or, perhaps we made her ski too much period?

She looks pretty happy in the first two photos, but considerably less so in the last two which is day 3 of skiing.

Perhaps it was because when we finally gave her a break from skiing, we took her snowshoeing down, and then up the steepest hill we could find?

Perhaps it was because we worked her too hard?

and then...ate a meal that nearly spiced off my tastebuds, had my husband sneezing on the couch a few feet a way and left my face and eyes stinging for hours?

This meal was supposed to be a celebratory Chinese New Year dinner, and while it may look good, and even smelled good, it was declared inedible by me.  Next time a recipe calls for dried chillies, I now know NOT to use dried habanero chillies.  
I'm not sure the significance of a Chinese New Year meal that can't be eaten, but I don't think it's good. 

Sorry for the non-relaxing visit Nikki... I guess you can get back at me one day when I visit Ontario.  I hope you're memory is short.

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