Monday, April 30, 2012

Birthdays X 2

For my birthday this year, Roger made me a delicious supper of spicy spaghetti, a green onion cake and DQ ice cream cake of course!  

I got some lovely presents.
A stunning portrait from Erin:

An intricate, but perhaps not entirely birthday appropriate, drawing from Brendan:

A composter!

And.... a 400 litre collapsible rain barrel! 

For Roger's birthday, he asked for the usual...

Smörgås torta

I must say, I think this is my nicest smörgås torta yet.  I was inspired by all the food magazines Mamma G had shown me from Sweden.

He also got some lovely gifts:

A handmade Chu Totoro

I had a little trouble with his eyes!
Another lovely portrait by Erin
Look at all those teeth!
We were also lucky to have Hans and Dianne visit--especially because Handy Hans helped us set up the rain barrel and composter (even though it may look like Roger's doing most of the work in the photos).

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