Thursday, June 14, 2012

G is for Gunilla, gardening and....grease fires!

We were fortunate to have Mamma G drop by for a visit a few weeks ago.  She whipped our butts into gear and got us planting and digging.  Now our gardening is all done, and we just have to watch things grow, grow, grow!

Roger's planning on planting some of his tools.

I also used Mamma G's visit as an excuse to try out my new Krumkake iron that I got for Christmas.

You place this metal contraption on top of the stove element and heat it nice and hot.
Mamma G and I heated it soooo hot that we set fire to the stove top (twice eeeps!).  
Thankfully her level headed thinking saved the day and we were able to put the fire out.  I was hoping that Roger had missed the action by snoozing on the couch, but he heard it all.  He gave us a pop quiz afterwards on how to put a grease fire out.

Here you can see the scorch marks on my new iron.
And below, you can see a rather crispy Krumkake.

 After our initial excitement with the fire, I turned the heat WAY down.
We ended up with undercooked floppy Krumkake.

Then, some ghostly pale Krumkake

But by the end, we got the hang of things and were making crispy golden Krumkake!

Doesn't Mamma G look nice in this sweater?  
Guess who made it?


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