Sunday, January 20, 2013


I had many reasons to be excited for Christmas 2012.
 One of the reasons for my excitement was that I had thought of a gift for my dad months before.  
For those who know my dad, he is near impossible to buy gifts for, so when I heard about these mushroom growing kits, I knew my problems were solved.  I also knew my brother in law liked to grow things, so he was made another lucky recipient of these kits.

I had these kits shipped to Mamma G's house and she notified me when they arrived.  Everything was on time and in place.
When I arrived at Mamma G's house, I went to open the box perhaps expecting cute little mushroom kits wrapped in festive paper and tied with pretty ribbon.
Instead, I pulled out these large sealed plastic bags filled with dirt and well.... fungus.
My first reaction was ewwwww gross.  
My second reaction was mild panic knowing that I had no time to find something else for them. 
Anyways, here's photos of the kits.

Luckily it was Christmas, and they had to be nice to me afterwards.
Mamma G quickly inherited Lars' mushrooms and attacked the care of the mushrooms with much gusto.   We've received several updates on the status of the mushrooms.
My dad was a bit more apprehensive.  He read through the directions multiple times, then grilled me on the directions which i was little help with.
Then he went on-line to verify the instructions and after following the directions he waited, and waited and... waited.
It got to the point that he was texting me to never buy him mushroom growing kits again.  Not only that, but my mom sent pictures to our relatives in Malaysia saying "poor dad" got a bag of dirt from his daughter and son-in-law for Christmas!
And then this happened.

And then they harvested!

And then they ate this!

Which they said was delicious by the way.
And...while I'm patting myself on my back, I'll go so far to say that maybe you were a bit premature about saying you never want another mushroom growing kit again dad!

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