Sunday, June 9, 2013

Nibbling the Big Apple

Mamma G made a suggestion last year to celebrate her 70th year in New York City. 
So, in May we headed on down and pounded the pavement, tried every type of food we could get our hands on and conquered the subway!
We even managed a visit with Terry whom I haven't seen in 7 years since Baltimore--I only wish I had remembered to snap a photo. 

Here's a photo summary of our trip.

Central Park

The Mall

Bethesda Fountain

Bow Bridge

Swedish Cottage

Hans Christian Andersen

Central Park was more beautiful and bigger than I thought it would be.
It's huge!  It would have taken us all day just to walk from one end to the other.

Times Square
In the sun!
In the rain!
New York Public Library

Scenes from our neighbourhood: 60th street and 1st avenue.
The Queensborough Bridge

The green building on 1st Avenue


One of many beautiful buildings.  
This one was in Soho.



What you shouldn't do with a stick.

Grand Grand Grand Central Station.
It's so sad that they don't make buildings like this anymore.
And to think, it was almost torn down at one point!


The Highline

The Metropolitan Museum
I'm not a museum person, and I thought I was going to be bored here, but it was quite the opposite.

Views from the roof of the Met.
They had delicious lemonade here.
Perfect for a scorching hot day.

Brooklyn Bridge

Prospect Park

An after dinner walk around Brooklyn 
Our waiter at Elberta suggested it, and are we ever glad he did.

The Empire State Building
Unfortunately the day we went, there was essentially zero visibility, but on the plus side, there were no crowds.
We also got good views of our floaters and had a nice chat with the security guard.

Mamma G's first experience with Korean food in Koreatown.


A very proud Swede!

Roosevelt Island
We took the tram which was only a block away and cost the same as a subway fare.

Smallpox hospital on Roosevelt Island

Views of Manhattan from Roosevelt Island

Franklin D. Roosevelt
Four Freedoms Park

One of the only places where you don't have to line up to use the bathroom

Torrential downpour!
It sure emptied out the streets of Manhattan

View of the downpour from our apartment.

Nightime views of Manhattan from Roosevelt Island.
One of our better ideas.
No tripod of course...

Our closet in Manhattan.

I sure hope when I'm pushing 70, I'll be able to zip around NYC as well as Mamma G did. 
 She followed me up then down, then up again and down again all over the subway system and battled rush hour like a pro polite Canadian/Swede.
She almost had the Metrocard swipe down pat by the time we left.
She melted the tough New York exterior of everyone we met.
Hope you had a great time Mamma G.  

Just so I don't forget, here's a few restaurants I want to go back to the next time I'm in NYC.

Just down the street from our place
Brooklyn, one of my favourite meals
Nolita, the best hot chocolate I've ever had.

NYC=Yummy for my tummy.

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AngryDog said...

These are awesome photos Aunt Julie. Farmor told me all about your big trip and it sounded so amazing! I hope one day we can go as well, the architecture and history would be something else altogether.