Monday, October 14, 2013

Japan Part I: Tokyo!!

At the end of September, Roger and I visited Japan.  We spent the first week of a three week trip in Tokyo.
We stayed at the Capitol Tokyu which was very spacious and convenient as it had direct access to the subway (in particular Tameikesanno station with access to the G, N, M and C lines) and had a 7-Eleven for when we wanted a quick and cheap bite of onigiri or matcha chocolate.

Waiting for the Airport Limousine bus to take us from the airport to the hotel.

Our hotel room.

Shower room with enclosed tub

Complicated toilet

First morning out before breakfast.
A few sites around the hotel.

First breakfast in Tokyo.

Diet Building

Imperial Gardens

Mochi soup...
Hot mochi = Very sticky...

Roger's soup

Tsukiji Fish Market

Fish cake.


Tokyo Station

Ramen at Tokyo Station
This place was busy--literally slurp and go.

Tokyo subway station

Meal ticket machine.
Insert money, choose your meal, print a ticket.

Japanese ice cream sundae.


Shinjuku Gyoen on a rainy day.

Shinjuku Gyoen Greenhouse
This was probably one of the quietest places we found in Tokyo

Bean cake at the teahouse


Subway signs.

Temple by our hotel

Food in Tokyo

Katsudon and cold udon

Chocolate potato chips!

Curried onigiri


Saw these everywhere, just had to try one
A Mont Blanc
Sponge cake topped with Chestnut cream and puree.
Notice the packing: little sleeves for cold packs.

Mochi animals 

Had to try one

Stuffed with red bean paste

Saw these everywhere too!

Cooked on a rotating cake skewer and each individual ring is added as a thin layer of batter

Octopus inside.

On the way to Kyoto.

We have our bento, now let's go!

A few sites from the train.
Mount Fuji in the distance.

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