Sunday, May 2, 2010

A response to a fan

It has recently come to my attention, that a "fan" of my blog wanted to see the recent renovations to our basement.  Well fan, here they are!

Welcome to the tour, if you'll kindly proceed down these stairs...  careful!  watch your step.

That dark rectangular box you see at the bottom of the steps is an artificial fireplace.  It throws off a little heat which is nice because it's a bit chilly down there.

So here's the main room which you could partly see from the stairs, and there's the fireplace on the right. Those other black boxes are bike carriers--my birthday gift from Roger!  You can just see the tiles on the floor from the bar.  

Voila! the bar...

That white closet you see to the right isn't actually storage space, it actually cleverly contains our panel box!  

Next up, you'll see our lovely guest room for everybody who is hopefully making plans to visit!  There's no furniture in there yet, but wait until you see how cozy it will be when we're done with it.

Here's our furnace room... there's not much I can see about the furnace room except that it looks very... furnacy!  There are some storage shelves near the back.

And the bathroom which we're still in the process of finding a mirror for.

Lastly, we have the storage closet..

Hey wait a minute!  Is that a door in the closet I hear you ask?  Why yes, it's a door in the closet.... Which leads to...

The Harry Potter Room!

Well, it's just a room under the stairs for storage, but it sure does remind me of Harry Potter's Room.  

Hope you enjoyed the tour!  We are taking reservations for those who would like to visit.

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