Sunday, June 13, 2010

Highway 40

 Highway 40 is a beautiful stretch of highway that runs between Longview and Kananaskis.  It's where the K100 relay race takes place every year and it's breathtaking.  They close the highway to motorized traffic until June 15 which makes it perfect for biking.  I thought the highway was closed due to snow on the highway but it's actually because there's some sensitive groups of wildlife that pass through the area and the parks are trying not to disturb them.  I guess a bike is lower impact than a car but I did feel a pang of guilt after flying down a hill and scattering groups of elk and mountain goat!  

 I was a little paranoid (as usual) before heading out with my dad that we'd see a bear so I kept my eyes peeled the whole time we were biking and.... it wasn't in vain because we did see a bear... with a cub!!!  I didn't get pictures so you'll just have to take my word for it.  

Here are the photos:

Voici Longview.  Here you can get gas and eat and get directions to Highway 40 if you're lost which we ahem... were not.  

Beautiful expanse of highway just waiting for bicycles!

Oh guilt... guilt.... sorry elk and bear and mountain goat, we really didn't mean to scare you, but you kind of scared us too so I guess we're even.


My dad getting ready and on his bike.  He is wearing a lot of clothes because despite the sun, it was pretty chilly out.  



More scenic highway shots.  That spot on the road is my dad.  


This is where we stopped for lunch.  My dad, sensing my bear fear wisely chose the spot saying that we could hide in the bathroom if a hungry bear wandered by while we were eating.  Thanks dad!

C'est Fini!

So, for those of you who might consider doing this next year, the bathrooms are open along the highway for cyclists to use.  There's also a little gas station and convenience store at the start with a flush toilet and a freezer full of ice cream.  I don't know if it's open all the time, but it was open when we went (perhaps it opens after May long?)

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