Sunday, June 13, 2010

Trip to Calgary

Sorry for the absence, I was away in Calgary/Banff for a week and when I got back I did a 6 day work week and came down with a stubborn cold that I'm continuing to recover from.  Anyways, it's been hot here.  I think it may have hit over +30 degrees celsius today!  We did head out for a bike ride and I was able to use my new bike GPS that Roger bought me last Christmas.  Unfortunately, even with my new Lisa Kona, I still miss my old  Trek Antelope terribly.  I just knew that bike so well.  I guess it will just take some time for me to get to know my new bike.  Sigh.... We also got our basement guest suite all fixed up for some Swedish guests that are coming next week.  We got a mirror and shower curtain rod put up in the bathroom as well.  It's looking pretty cozy down there, and I'm not going to post any photos of our cosy furnished basement, it's something you'll have to see for yourself!

Here's a photo summary of my visit to Calgary and Banff:

Visiting the munchkins:

Getting to see Nikki!

Sorry we weren't able to go hiking this time around Nikki.  I hope our 16 km stroll was a fine replacement.  

Getting to see Little J and Chris too over fondue!  

Fondue was fun, but boy think twice if you have dry eyes!  


Some exotic meats that Roger was brave enough to try.  That is a frog leg.  For those that know me well you might have wondered how I reacted to the frog leg.  Well....I was fine.  My fear of frogs is solely related to the fact that they can unpredictably jump on you at any time.  There was no chance of that happening with this frog.  Nosireee.

  Yes that is Chris on a phone at our table at the restaurant, and it did actually ring when we were there.  Every table had one.  My guess is you see someone cute at another table, flip your placemat over to find out what number to dial, and the rest is history!  Someone must have thought Chris was real cute but she doesn't look impressed.  What a tough nut to crack..


Feels like old times...

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