Friday, January 21, 2011

No Room for a Hand

It finally warmed up today!  Yes, this morning it was -22'C (no windchill) which, by my standards, is  warm enough for a ski.

Here's the beautiful Birchwood Trails in the winter:

I've also finally got around to making little Marcella's mittens.  I made Marcella a pair of mittens last Christmas which got eaten by her dog.  I'm trying a new pattern this time around called "Fleece Stuffed" or "Thrummed" mittens.  I prefer "Fleece Stuffed" because when you see this:

you know what I mean...I may have taken the fleece stuffing to an extreme however.  As you wear the mitten, the fleece on the inside is supposed to get matted together and form a sort of extra felted layer to keep the hands extra toasty warm.   

  Yes, that is Marcella's mitten in the making.  It's turned inside out right now, and looks quite the mess but when you turn it back you get this:

Roger thinks the white bits look like hearts which I don't think is a bad thing.  
I just hope there's room for her hand in there-that is, if Jenny can convince her to put her hand inside.  It kind of looks like there's a hand in there already!  And yes Jenny, that's an extra long cuff as you requested.

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