Friday, January 28, 2011

Uncle and Auntie Ragamuffins

We haven't been up to much lately--it's kind of that time of winter where, with the excitement of Christmas gone, all we can do is shovel, stay warm and wait for spring.  Since there's not much else to do, I've decided to get started on a small project.  For some time I've been wanting to designate a wall in our house a "Family Wall."  Nothing too unique, just a place to hang up pictures of our ever expanding family.  I've started with my family--here's some photos I came across during Christmas at my parent's house.  I have to apologize regarding the quality of the photographs--I haven't figured out how to use our scanner so I just photographed the photos and in some you can see evidence of my flash. 

This first photo is of my Grandmother's family at the Kuching Museum.  I think you can see my Great Grandpa and Great Grandma as well as my Grandma.  I believe my Grandmother is the 6th person from the left in the back row (just behind my Great Grandpa's right shoulder (optometrist's left)).

Here's a photo of my grandparents and their 8 kids.  Can you guess which is my mom?  
She's the second from the left with the knobby knees and cereal bowl hair cut--she estimates herself to about 7-8 years old.  My mom didn't like photos when she was small.  She thought the camera was a scary contraption--despite this, she's managing to squeeze out a small smile.  


For those of you at the wedding and who were lucky enough to meet my Uncle's, you can find Uncle Ignatius second from the right with the suspenders and Uncle Francis is standing in front of my Grandpa.    Here's them now--Uncle Ignatius has the same pout but has somehow managed to lose the suspenders!

Here's another photo of the ragamuffins minus one.  My mom has the same knobby knees but her hair's grown out slightly.  This time she's the second from the right in the front row.  Uncle Ignatius is standing beside my mom on her right (wearing suspenders again!) and Uncle Francis is on her left.


Here's my Grandma and all 4 of her daughters.  My mom is second from the left and her cereal bowl hair cut is now a very distant memory.  Apparently my Auntie Dorothy-(the beautiful girl on the far left, and the oldest of all the girls) would sew up the clothes for her sisters.  You can see my two Aunts in some of her designs.  


I have a few photos of my dad as well although they are harder to come by.  Here's a graduation photo.  I think most of you who know my sister and I can see a definite resemblance of my sister to my mom and me to my dad.  

 Here's my dad with his first car in 1968.  He loved white VW Beetles and probably would still own one except for the harsh winters of Canada.  I'm afraid this poor VW would have been chewed up and spit out by Old Man Winter.

This is my mom and dad's wedding photo.  Handsome and pretty no??

Still looking good!

Mamma G, I'll be raiding your photo archive next!


Heart Charlie said...

These photos are amazing, I am in love with the matching dresses your Auntie Dorothy made, incredible!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Julie for capuring the past. You did an excellent work. I hope you will find your roots which you can share with your children and grandchildren in future. VW was my first car in Australia when I was studying there. I kept the car for three years without any services except filled in the fuel tank. My second VW in one of the small town (Limbang), and again I never sent the car for major check up and service for at least more than 3 years. Do you believe me? My third VW is still running very well in Kuching. This car is about 39 year old and is now owned by a doctor - an old man in the 80. In fact I saw this car when I visited Kuching last time.


Anonymous said...

It looks like Uncle Francis has a fearsome, nice looking, loaded, well train and capable body guard. Look at his watchful and fearsome eye, he is ready to protect Francis (the boss) at any moment without fear.


Anonymous said...

Julie, did mom and dad look like a film star in the 60 and 70?