Sunday, February 6, 2011

Celebrating the Year of the Wabbit

We've just returned from celebrating Chinese New Year with my family in Calgary.  It started with excitement:

Followed by opening of ang pao:


Then there was the feasting!

My mom made Peking duck.  Part of the meal involves wrapping the meat and vegetables (carrot and cucumber) in a paper thin pancake with hoisin sauce.

It's very tasty!  However, we had to be careful as Erin became Little Miss Manners, and made sure our elbows stayed off the table.

After the meal, everyone looked a bit solemn with heads bowed, but they were really just engrossed in solving some 3-D puzzles that Roger bought.

Hans and Dianne, consider yourselves forewarned--I'm pretty sure Roger will be bringing these puzzles out for you guys to solve when we come and visit!

After the puzzles, things got markedly smellier when my dad brought out the durian which only he and Roger partook in.

The stench was enough to send people home!

Some of you may have noticed that Brendan has become much better at smiling in photos!  

All I can say is he learned from the best!


Joyce said...

I love the second photo of Brendan & Erin. Erin's expression is hilarious! Looks like she's had too much desert, and we didn't even have dinner yet!

Joyce again said...

Love the photo of you and Brendan. Birds of a feather....

Anonymous said...

It was a wonderful Chinese New Year celebration especially when all the children were home. This year was particularly interesting since I have the chance to share the smellier stuff - durian (King of the fruit in South East Asia) with my son-in-law, Roger. It seems that we have the same taste for some of the funny looking and smelly stuff. I am impressed for Roger to eat those stuff. Julie, you had caputured and took all the wonderful photos. Excellent work. Love always, your daddy.