Sunday, March 6, 2011


Our house guest, Lars, arrived safe and sound and is now settled nicely at our place.  After arriving, the important things were immediately taken care of--saying "hi" to Bob with an elbow punch to the head and trying to set up the Playstation.  Lars did arrive bearing a gift for the tummy from 
Mamma G.  Semlor!  Some assembly was required.

Semla is essentially a delicious sweet bun that's slightly hollowed out in the centre to make room for almond paste and whipping cream.

You can see the assembly here, starting with the whole sweet bun and a ball of almond paste

Then you cut off the top of the bun and flatten the almond paste:

Hollow out the centre:

Place the almond paste in the hollow

Pile on some cream

and top with what Mamma G calls "the hat."  

At this stage, you're not quite done.  According to Lars it's still quite unfinished.
So don't forget the vanilla socker.

Tack så mycket Mamma G!

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wow that looks incredibly delicious.

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