Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Trip Down Memory Lane

We had some spare time in Edmonton recently, and decided to take a stroll around our good old Alma mater.

Part I: Undergrad.
This lab is where Roger and I met way way WAY long ago (1996/97 ish?) when we were both bright eyed and bushy tailed.

Outside the Psyche building.  
Where did LAMP go?? 

A typical Bio Sci hallway

The Bio Sci building is a network of really confusing stairwells and hallways.  I used to know that building like the back of my hand.  It's amazing how much I've forgotten.. and as much as I hate to admit... it's amazing how much Roger still remembers!

Here's the new addition to Bio Sci

Where I spent many a dreary physics lecture. 
V-Wing is actually a fraction of the size it used to be.  They got rid of most of those 1960's classrooms. 

So this is what it feels like at the head of the class.  At least my one pupil isn't sleeping!
Hey! I think they may have put cushions on those seats.  Back in the day we had to sit on HARD wood seats--we weren't coddled like these kids now a days.


The Power Plant
Remember 80's night Megan?
Now it also houses Dewey's

Tory Turtle

Convocation Hall.
Didn't spend much time there, but always thought it was a beautiful building.  
May have caught a piano performance or two.

Peeking through a door crack of the performance hall.
They were smart and locked their doors so that reminiscing hooligans couldn't go in.

Part 2: Grad School.

Creepy mice.
That's pretty much all there was to it!

One of the newish engineering buildings.

The spruce burl

Rutherford House