Friday, April 1, 2011

For Christmas I bought tickets for the ballet for my mom, sister and myself to see this performance.  While we were down there, we managed to catch a ghostly deer which haunts my parent's backyard.

Can you spot it?  Pretty spooky isn't it?  It even leaves ghostly droppings.

I should actually come clean.  There is no deer ghost that haunts my parents backyard... I just had some technical difficulties figuring out how to photograph the deer in the dark through a window without a tripod.  This was the best I could do.  The deer didn't wait around, it stomped off peevishly.

My mom also made me mee suah soup which was very tasty.  My parents used to tell me that they would be served this dish on their birthdays, and ONLY on their birthdays would they have it served with a dyed red egg and IF they were lucky, perhaps a chicken drumstick--not like us spoiled Canadian kids who could have a red egg whenever we wanted and as many drumsticks as we liked.  

My grandmother also used to make this every morning for my grandfather for breakfast, and when I first went back to Malaysia when I was 5, she would put aside a bowl for me too!  I was in heaven.

We also popped in to see the munchkins.  Erin showed us how good she was getting on her scooter.  After several months of unwavering commitment, she finally got a scooter for her 4th birthday.

Brendan showed us that he is still crazy over Beyblades..

I showed that I still have trouble with focus.

We also brought over these little critters.  They're called Zeebeez and provided a few hours of terrifying fun.

First you turn them inside out

Then you spin them and when they hit the floor the end up popping up in the air for at least 6 feet if they hit the ground right.  

You could definately tell that Erin wasn't all that comfortable playing with the Zeebeez as everytime they popped into the air, she would freeze until she heard the Zeebeez hit the ground.  Then she knew it was safe to move again.  I think Roger and I need to get a few of them for ourselves.  

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Anonymous said...

Talk about deer, this deer had been sleeping in my backyard for at least two nights. This deer definitely attached to us or kept an eye on us fio revenge. This may be due to the fact that either Roger or I had consumed a lot of deer meats. Also, I was followed by a deer when I was walking on the walking trail few weeks ago. Fortunately one lady who walked towarding me warned me about the deer (few feets behind me) otherwise I might eaten by the deer. It would be a big news in Calgary Herald with head line - an old man was eaten by a deer. It is a very strange world.