Sunday, June 19, 2011


A few months back, I received these lovely family photos in the mail.  Kerstin was kind enough to make copies and send them to us from Sweden.  These photos are of Mamma G and Kerstin's Grandparents.

These first two photos are of Mamma G and Kerstin's Farmor and Farfar. (Roger's Great Grandparents)

These next two photos are Mamma G and Kerstin's Mormor and Morfar.  Apparently they never married, but he always knew where to find a good deal on bread.

After about 4 weeks without rain, and a 600,000 square hectare uncontrolled forest fire burning about 65 km north of Fort McMurray, we finally got a good down pour this past weekend.  The rain has been good for many things including our garden.

What I thought were weeds ended up being baby's breath and poppies!  I was sooo ready to pull them out.

By the way, we shipped my beloved (but broken) bike to Calgary in the hopes that my dad can fix it.  This poor bike has moved from Edmonton to Medicine Hat back to Edmonton then out to Waterloo riding atop our mini-van attached to my dad's make shift bike rack made out of 2 X 4's and lots of string, then to Calgary, Edmonton, Fort McMurray and Calgary.  Hopefully this will not be it's final move.  

Come back to us dear bike! (..but if you want to use it mom or dad, go ahead, but treat it nice.)

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Ukerlady said...

it's awesome to see these family photos! I've never seen them before! You're helping me learn so much about my roots aunt Julie :D