Monday, June 13, 2011

A Visit from the Nutrition Police

My parents recently came up to Fort Mac for a visit.  While they were here, I did my best to cook little food as requested, however it did get a little out of control on Saturday night when our neighbour showed up with Newfoundland  fish and chips.  Yum!

We managed to play a game or two of Jenga which my dad very prematurely decided was "easy."

We took them on a brisk walk of the Birchwood Trails...


Where we saw flowers shaped like stars and butterflies.


My parents enjoyed working out on the outdoor exercise equipment

Lastly, Roger and my dad enjoyed some Youtube videos of gross animals eating other gross animals.

All in all it was a relaxing visit and stimulated Roger and I to use the outdoor equipment more regularly after our runs especially in lieu of this.  (thanks Lindsay... groan...)

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