Thursday, October 4, 2012

Family and Food in Västerås

While in Västerås, we had the opportunity to visit the non-vertically challenged part of our family.
We spent most of our time at Kerstin's cozy apartment where she delighted our stomach with some traditional Swedish eats.

Kessler stew

Kerstin's tomatoes and her new dishwasher.

Falukorv and chanterelles

Something Roger found at ICA
Glacebåt (ice cream boat)

My first real smörgås torta and more delicious European milk products!

Kerstin also helped satiate Roger's hankering for korv potatismos (mashed potatoes and sausage)

Making time for mazarin

Pizza night at Jonas, Kristine and Max's.

Taking pictures in the dark.

What the Swedes consider a "personal sized" pizza.

Taco night at Andreas, Johanna, Evelina and Humpus' house.

Evelina's football game.


Dinner at Lena and Lennart's

Touring their garden.

Mamma G and Kerstin going to town on Lena's gooseberry bush.
Leave some for the birds ladies!

The best smoked salmon I've ever tasted.

Retirement cake.

Lena and Lennart kindly took us to the airport on our last day in Sweden.

Acquiring a new family member.
Moomin troll

Hope to see all of you in Canada soon!

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