Wednesday, October 3, 2012

In and around Västerås

After our trip to Iceland, we flew over to Västerås, Sverige for a few days which is Mamma G's home town.
Here's some pictures of things we did in and around Västerås

We stayed at Hem till Gården while we were in Västerås, and would do so again in a heartbeat.  It was slightly cheaper than a hotel as there isn't daily housekeeping, but we had sooo much more space and a full kitchen at our disposal.  Bicycles were also available at our disposal so that we could take advantage of the extensive bike path network Västerås has to offer whenever we wanted.  The unit we had was called Storstugan, and was literally a home away from home.

In our unit you can fit 4 people max.  There's 2 single beds and one canopied king bed.  There's 1 partial bathroom upstairs and a full bath downstairs.  The shower in the full bath was the only complaint we had--it was tiny but we managed.

While in Västerås we checked out the downtown area.

We visited Västerås domkyrka

King Erik's tomb. 
He died eating poisoned pea soup. 
Must have been a Thursday.

Eternalized paw prints.
When these bricks were made back in the 1200's, they were laid out in the fields to dry and often the farm animals would wander over them.

Visiting Västerås Gamla Stan
At least 1000 years old.  You wouldn't really know it because the buildings are kept in such great shape.

Vasteras Cemetery
Where Roger's Mormor and Morfar are buried.

A visit to Vallby Friluftsmuseum

Some endangered rabbits, goats and cows.

Lunch at Vallby

It was Thursday, so we had pea soup and pancakes.

Visiting Anundshög
The Viking Graves.

Strolling through Djäkneberget

Lake Mälaren
Mamma G and Kerstin used to come here for summer holidays when they were wee small.

Biking in Västerås
You can bike anywhere in Västerås and if we woke up early enough, we would bike to Kerstin's place in the morning.

Biking to ICA from Hem till Gården
Look at how uncluttered the streets are.
No cars parked on the road. (Take note Ft. Mac)


Visiting IKEA

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