Saturday, October 6, 2012

Thanksgiving "Invasion" (oops I mean visit) 2012

Decoration provided by Erin

For Thanksgiving this year we had a full house!
These munchkins found our Swedish Barbapappa book and even though they didn't understand the words on the page, they just couldn't put it down.
Here's Roger offering a translation.

Although it was a long weekend, Brendan still had to do his requisite piano practice.  
Curl those finger's Brendan!

Burning off energy and working up an appetite.

A walk in the woods.

Finding nice looking rocks.

A home for the rock.

Finding nice sticks and discussing infinity.

Leaves and moss.



Grandpa's shadow

"Chasing" the turkey into the oven.

Enjoying an appetizer.

Thanksgiving family photo.

Family photo take 2

Working off turkey dinner.

Brendan's poses

Finding out Erin is dangerous with a frisbee.

Brendan miming sitting in a chair.

Shooting the photographer with flame throwers.

Then we blinked and it was over.
And quiet.

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