Friday, April 30, 2010

Grattis på födelsedagen Roger!

Roger recently celebrated a birthday, and because his birthday follows so closely after mine, it can easily be overshadowed.  So, here's a posting devoted solely to celebrating Roger's birthday.

Here's Roger's present that I hid under my side of the bed the night before to surprise him with it first thing in the morning!

Here's the birthday breakfast that I prepared for him...

Complete with Birthday Cinnamon Bun and sparkler..

Since Roger's birthday was on a weekday, we didn't properly celebrate until the weekend with some west coast guests!  Although the weather wasn't great, we were good hosts, and kept them entertained with the electric wine bottle easy, such a snap!

as well as the hideously tangled ball of yarn...


and kept them well fed with kantareller!


Now, who dare say that there's nothing exciting to do in Fort McMurray??

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