Sunday, August 22, 2010

Introducing the Scimitar

Some (one) ;) of you out there know that I've been thinking of taking up longboard skateboarding for quite a while.  After some extensive research on line I settled on a longboard that I thought would work perfect for us (Kracked Skulls).  The boards arrived on Friday wrapped extensively in cardboard and tape.  For ease of shipping they shipped with the wheels and trucks unattached which was solved by a quick stop at our local skateboard shop (Kazaam Skate and Snow) where they kindly assembled our boards for us for free!

Roger couldn't wait to get on his:

That's him practicing in our garage, with a bicycle helmet on his head. 

His skills rapidly improved after that:

He's also decorated his skateboard with some of his favorite stickers like a 13 year old teenager.

As for me, I'm progressing slowly, I can get both feet onto the board and go down gentle slopes carving a few large turns...but one thing is for certain--it's lots of fun.

My apologies to Gunilla... I know you said to get elbow and knee pads too, but I think we'll be ok with just the helmet and wrist guards.  I also know you said "for goodness sakes, not before the wedding!" but we just couldn't resist--we promise we'll be very careful.

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