Sunday, August 22, 2010


We were in Ikea a few weeks ago and came upon a display in the food section that caught Roger's eye.  It had a large picture of people sitting at a table by a freshwater stream wearing paper party hats underneath paper lanterns.  Underneath this display was a freezer full of Kräftor packed in dill sauce.  Even though we still had to drive 5 hours north to Fort Mac, Roger couldn't resist purchasing a box and a couple of paper lanterns.  When we got home, we promptly thawed the Kräftor, hung up our paper lanterns and invited Robyn over for supper.


Robyn informed us after we ate that the lanterns were quite scary, so we'll be sure to pull them out and put them on display the next time she's over!  :)  Anyways, I thought this Kräftor display was a marketing ploy by Ikea to sell more Kräftor, but it's actually a real celebration in Sweden.  (I checked this out with Gunilla, and you can read about it yourself here.)

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