Sunday, August 22, 2010

Visiting with Iron Man

 We took a quick visit to Calgary last weekend, and while we were there we celebrated my sister and brother in law's 10th anniversary!  Boy.. does time ever fly.  I wish I had my digital camera handy 10 years ago as I would be able to post photos of their beautiful wedding but unfortunately we'll just have to make do with this photo 10 years after:

While we were in Calgary, I realized that my parents were hosting all sorts of odd creatures at their house.  We met a REALLY smelly slimy monster that ate witches:

And a witch that smelled "only a little bit" but had magical hair and could make monsters disappear....

Even though they had these magical powers, they seemed to be on good terms with each other as neither disappeared or got eaten.

We were also visited by Iron Man!

And it was comforting to see that even Iron Man still appreciated story time with Grandpa!

We also spent some time with Brendan and Erin who enjoy playing in the screen room downstairs with the hammocks.

Erin is fearless, you can't seem to swing her high enough or fast enough--i think she's on the path to becoming an adrenaline junkie..

but at least she still likes to eskimo kiss with Grandma:

By the way, here's where we took our engagement photos.  It's a little hamlet called De Winton about 10-20 minutes south of Calgary.  

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drhats said...

Happy 10th anniv to Joyce and Raymond!
Proud to see all are doing well
Pix are unique!!
See you on 21st sep!!