Sunday, December 19, 2010

Fourth Advent and Mysterious Packages

Today we lit our fourth and last Advent Candle:

And..... mysterious packages have started showing up around our house!!!!  This big one's for me!

did I mention, the big one's for me?? 

Anyway, here's our outside lanterns that we've been lighting every Advent Sunday.  Roger asked me to photograph these--he liked the glowing snow.

And this is what Roger made for breakfast yesterday morning.

No snowboarding this weekend, but we did do some cross country skiing... and... all sections of the trails are open now.  Roger also took me to see Corb Lund on Friday night.  I must say, I wasn't super excited initially.  I figured it would be more country than I would like and that there'd be a lot of clap alongs to songs I didn't know.  I was right--it was country-ish, but Corb has a very cool "country-rap" style (if there can be such a thing).  And yes, there were clap alongs, but what I didn't expect was to find myself clapping along right in there with everyone else and grinning myself silly.  Yup, it was fun, not to mention an amazing opening with the John Evans Band a rockabilly band from Texas.  Boy, don't ever pass up a chance to see these guys live.

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