Sunday, December 12, 2010

Third Advent and a visit from my sister!

Today we lit our third candle for Advent...

And... my sister came for a visit.  Well, she actually came for work, but was kind enough to make a brief stop at our house for supper, a game of Pacman and a sleep.

Here's her tiny boots:

and here's us posing with our coveted guest.


Yes... we love getting visitors.

By the way.. this is a turban squash--I'm going to cook it one day.

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Greg Wee said...

Julie! You still smile the same way! How come I didn't see that when you were here?!

Joyce looks more & more like your mom now.

Sorry we couldn't make it to your wedding. The cafe popped up after you left Kuching & all hell broke loose.

Now Nee has a little 'bun' 'baking' in her 'oven'. It's nearing 7 months now. :)