Sunday, December 5, 2010

Second Advent and the Maverick Rev-6

Today we lit our second candle for Advent.  

And Roger bought a gun.  The Maverick Rev-6 to be specific, which is a high powered, pump action, 6-cylinder hand held gun.  He carries it all around the house and has been shooting everything with it--bad guys on TV, hockey players that he doesn't like, stuffed animals and..... me!  Before you panic, I guess I should mention that it is a Nerf gun, and it shoots out foam darts.  

I must say, I may have scoffed at him when he picked up this toy at Extra Foods the other day, but it's actually provided hours (ok minutes) of fun and enjoyment--I know it sounds a little violent, but don't knock it until you've tried it.  We almost think everyone should have one!  Here's  something else we've been enjoying lately...

Yup, that's Pacman, and it's AWESOME!
and we went snowboarding again today--I can carve some shaky turns!

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