Saturday, December 4, 2010


Roger was mentioning a favourite cookie/biscuit that his mom used to make during Christmas when he was younger.  He couldn't remember much about it except that it was round and yummy.  A quick call to Mama G cleared up the matter.  What he was yearning for was Mandelkubb and Mama G quickly handed over the recipe.  Mandelkubb directly translates into Almond kubb.  I'm not sure what a kubb is in either Swedish or English, but it tastes delicious.

First you roll the dough out into a log:

Then you cut the log into pieces and dip them in pärlsocker (pearl sugar):

Then you bake them until they are slightly brown on the bottom (about 15 minutes)

Then you eat them!

I hope these are what they're supposed to look like Mama G. 

I also tried making spritz cookies for the first time.  That was a mistake.  I should have known better than to attempt a recipe that involves a cookie press.  Instead of pretty little chubby wreaths like this, I ended up with wormy, anemone-like creatures and a hand cramp:

So I threw away the cookie press, cut the dough into safe and easy festive hearts, and vowed never to make Christmas spritz cookies again!

Anyways, our house is finally decorated for Christmas.  We have Tomte which is a Swedish Christmas gnome.  From what I understand/been told--and I may have some of the details incorrect as my memory is poor and selective, they are supposed to hide out around the house under the floor boards and threaten to cause havoc during Christmas unless you feed them porridge and alcohol.

We also have Julbok which is a Swedish Christmas goat that the tomte ride--I think....

and we have the keepers of the cinnamon and sugar for the porridge to keep the Tomte happy.


And finally... after 9 months of waiting, there's finally enough snow to go cross country skiing!

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